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Key Handling

Your initial key pick up is done at no charge. If we arrive for the scheduled key pick up and you do not have your key, there is a fee for the sitter to return to pick it up from you.

You can also choose to have us make a copy of your key while you're away at NO COST to you. When your booking ends we will leave your original key in your home and lock up using our copy which will then be placed in our secure safe until you need us again!

We can also return your key to you once you have returned home from your booking if you wish. This must be communicated with the office at the time of booking.


Key Handling

$16.50 plus HST

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How is my key identified?

Answer: You key is labelled with non-identifying information to ensure that no one else can determine where your home is. We will remove any key tags or key chains that you have on it and replace with our own tag.


Question: Where is my key stored when I don't have a booking?

Answer: All keys, when not being used for a booking, live in our safe that is monitored 24/7 by video surveillance. Our safe is kept in an undisclosed location that is accessible by our staff at all times.


Question: What happens if I don't want to keep my key on file with you?

Answer: You can choose to to have your key returned to you once you have returned from your travel. This means that we will have to schedule a pickup for it before your next booking as well. Depending on the time of year, we may not have availability for pickup or return in a quick manner. This may also limit whether or not we can accommodate a last minute or emergency booking from you.


Question: Why can't I drop off/pick up my key from your office?

Answer: Our management team works remotely. Because of this, there is no one in the office to accept the key. All key returns/pick ups must be scheduled through the office.


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Check-Ins/Dog Walks

Check-ins/dog walks are blocks of time in which we provide service at your home. Preparation (e.g. putting winter coat/boots on your dog before departing) is factored into the scheduled time. Please note that our 15 minute check-ins are only offered in certain parts of the city - for additional information, please get in touch with us via e-mail or call us and ask about our 15 minute check-ins.

15 Minute Visits

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30 Minute Visits

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Overnight care is $145.00/night, which guarantees a coverage of 10 hours over a 24-hour period + a 30-minute check-in for dinner. This is an all-inclusive rate (medication, feedings, walks, etc). Any additional time requirements (e.g. a daily mid-day check-in, late check-in on return date, etc.) will be supplemental to the overnight charge and should be detailed in the Notes field below.

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Additional Animals

Have more then one pet? No problem!

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Key HandlingNote: There is a $16.50 fee for key pickups and returns for future service (pickup at first visit with staff is free of charge). You can leave the key on-file with us for no additional charge.
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