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Exercise is essential to the health and happiness of every pet. At Dayna's Pet Sitting we believe in building strong and long-lasting relationships with our furry-clientele. And what better way to build that bond then daily dog walks.

We set up a preliminary Zoom meeting with a member of our office team. During that call we will gather all of your care instructions (for both your home and pets), as well as go over some emergency planning. At the end of the call we will send you the digital version of our service agreement and a login link to our customer portal that contains all of your care instructions and booking information. We will then schedule a time to collect your key and you're ready to rock and roll!

We offer either 30, 45 or 60 minute walks. We also offer 15 minute visits in select areas of the city.

During your walk, our team member will take your dog(s) on their adventure. All of our handlers are trained in using positive reinforcement and non-harsh techniques. We will not walk using prong collars, choke chains or shock collars.


15 Minute Walk

$22.25 plus HST

30 Minute Walk

$34.25 plus HST

45 Minute Walk

$42.50 plus HST

60 Minute Walk

$50.00 plus HST

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: My dog doesn’t like other dogs, how will you walk him?

Answer: We will avoid other dogs when necessary. When we walk dogs, we don’t let them interact with other dogs that we might meet.


Question: Will you use prong or e-collars?

Answer: Our staff are not trained to use these tools safely or effectively. We will not walk your dog using a prong collar, choke chain or any type of e-collar. We recommend purchasing a harness from your local pet store and we will use that when walking your dog.


Question: Will you dress my dog for walks?

Answer: If your dog requires a coat and/or boots for their walks, we will dress them as long as your dog lets us. The time required for getting coats and boots on will be included as part of the booking.


Question: What if my dog needs to be muzzled while being walked?

Answer: That is perfectly fine. Some dogs require a muzzle to inhibit them from eating things they shouldn’t; some dogs wear it as a safety precaution. Whatever the reason, we are happy to walk your muzzled dog as long as the muzzle fits correctly and can be out on safely by our staff.


Question: Why don’t you offer specific service times?

Answer: We offer all our services in client homes. This means that we need to allow for our staff to travel from client home to client home. Our service window allows our staff to travel safely to and from client homes, stop for gas, grab lunch etc and not feel pressured to drive dangerously on the roads.


Question: What happens if it’s a very hot/very cold day?

Answer: We have weather policies that include what our staff are do in extreme temperatures. Your dog’s walk might be cut short, but our staff will remain inside with them until your scheduled booking time ends. We will play, cuddle or entertain your dog for the remainder of your booking.


Question: My dog is used to walking on a retractable leash. Can you use that?

Answer: We do not use retractable leashes on walks. We ask that you provide us with a standard, nylon leash of no more than 6 feet.


Question: Will my dog be off-leash or be able to go to a dog park?

Answer: We do not offer off-leash walks or time at the dog park. We offer one on one, private leashed walks that are customized to your dog’s needs and behaviours.


Question: What if it’s a different staff member than my dog is used to?

Answer: Our staff are well trained and able to walk client dogs safely and confidently. Your dog’s care instructions (including information about walking) is kept in our secure database that is accessible to all our staff.


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Check-Ins/Dog Walks

Check-ins/dog walks are blocks of time in which we provide service at your home. Preparation (e.g. putting winter coat/boots on your dog before departing) is factored into the scheduled time. Please note that our 15 minute check-ins are only offered in certain parts of the city - for additional information, please get in touch with us via e-mail or call us and ask about our 15 minute check-ins.

15 Minute Visits

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30 Minute Visits

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45 Minute Visits

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60 Minute Visits

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Overnight care is $145.00/night, which guarantees a coverage of 10 hours over a 24-hour period + a 30-minute check-in for dinner. This is an all-inclusive rate (medication, feedings, walks, etc). Any additional time requirements (e.g. a daily mid-day check-in, late check-in on return date, etc.) will be supplemental to the overnight charge and should be detailed in the Notes field below.

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Additional Animals

Have more then one pet? No problem!

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Key HandlingNote: There is a $16.50 fee for key pickups and returns for future service (pickup at first visit with staff is free of charge). You can leave the key on-file with us for no additional charge.
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