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Whether you are going away for a night, a weekend or even a month in Thailand we provide consistent and loving care while you are away. This is also an excellent option for multiple-species house-holds. No need to send the dog to the kennel, have the neighbour check on the cat, and send the hamster to cousin Vinny!

First we set up a preliminary phone call with a member of our office team. During that call we will gather all of your care instructions (for both your home and pets), as well as go over some emergency planning. At the end of the call we will schedule an initial meeting in your home with one of our team members. We will have a chance to meet you and your pets, go over (and have you sign) our service agreement and review your care instructions. We will collect your key and go over your scheduled booked dates.

One of our bonded, insured and trained sitters will be responsible for the care of your pets while you are away. We aim to maintain your pets’ routine to minimize anxiety while you are away. With sitters who have a wide range of experience including behaviour or medical conditions we have the perfect sitter for your home!


1 Overnight

$80.00 plus HST

Key Handling

$16.50 plus HST

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How are overnights structured?

Answer: Overnights include 12 hours of care out of a 24 hour period. This depends on your planned departure and return dates and times. We try to mimic your pet’s usual routine and schedule. If you are departing in the morning, the sitter will usually arrive after work to do the supper-time routine (dinner and yard time, short walk). The sitter may then have to leave to provide care to other pets but will return to spend the night in your home. The next morning, they will get up, do the morning routine (breakfast and yard time/short walk) before leaving for their work day. If your dog requires a midday visit, that is booked separately through the office and is dependent on availability at the time of booking.


Question: What happens if I have friends or family popping in to also check on my pets/home?

Answer: Your contract that you signed with DPSI states that no one else will have access to your home or pets while the booking is happening. Our insurance policy is very strict about this and will not provide coverage for “shared care” bookings. In these cases, clients are required to sign a waiver to this effect. Shared bookings can lead to unnecessary confusion and the margin for error increases greatly.


Question: My pet’s care instructions have changed at the last minute, can I just leave a note out to update the sitter?

Answer: All changes to care instructions must come into the office. You can send an email with a document attached if you wish, or email them in directly. We tell our staff that the care instructions found in the database are the most up to date ones.


Question: What if my dog can’t be left alone for a full work day and I’ve booked overnight care?

Answer: If your dog requires a midday visit you can contact the office to see about availability in your area. Midday visits are not included in the cost of overnight care. We do recommend booking middays when you are booking overnights. We do our best to accommodate based on availability in your area.


Question: If my pet runs out of food/litter or any kind of supplies while I’m away on vacation what will happen?

Answer: DPSI will ensure that items are purchased as needed. We will either purchase the same item or find something similar. We will then send an invoice for those supplies to the client.


Question: If I don’t have the same sitter each time, do I need to book a meet and greet?

Answer: You do not need to book a meet and greet each time the sitter changes. All of your care instructions are recorded in our database and are accessible to our entire team. This means that we will be able to provide the required care, no matter which of our staff are assigned.


Question: My building of residence doesn’t have free parking for the sitter. Who pays for parking?

Answer: Paid parking is the responsibility of the client. Usually what will happen is the sitter will pay out of pocket for the cost of parking at each visit and then will submit the receipts to the office who will then invoice the client.


Question: What happens if my pet needs vet care while I’m away?

Answer: If your pet needs to see a vet while you are travelling, we will ensure that happens. It’s best if you leave your credit card on file with your vet and let them know that we are caring for your pet and might be in. As part of our on-boarding process for clients we make sure to know which clinic your pet attends and a detailed medical history of your pet. If your credit card is not on file at your clinic, or we need to attend a different clinic, DPS will cover the cost and invoice the client afterwards.


Question: What if I have more than one pet?

Answer: We are happy to care for as many pets as you have in your home. We do charge an extra fee for additional animals. This fee is charged only once per day, and is not charged based on the number of visits you are receiving in a day.


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Check-Ins/Dog Walks

Check-ins/dog walks are blocks of time in which we provide service at your home. Preparation (e.g. putting winter coat/boots on your dog before departing) is factored into the scheduled time. Please note that our 15 minute check-ins are only offered in certain parts of the city - for additional information, please get in touch with us via e-mail or call us and ask about our 15 minute check-ins.

15 Minute Visits

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30 Minute Visits

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Overnight care is $80.00/night, which guarantees a coverage of 12 hours over a 24-hour period. This is an all-inclusive rate (medication, feedings, walks, etc). Any additional time requirements (e.g. a daily mid-day check-in, late check-in on return date, etc.) will be supplemental to the overnight charge and should be detailed in the Notes field below.

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Additional Animals

Have more then one pet? No problem!

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Key HandlingNote: There is a $16.50 fee for key pickups and returns for future service (pickup at first visit with staff is free of charge). You can leave the key on-file with us for no additional charge.
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