Dog Selection

Dog Selection

For those looking to add a new dog to their family!

Dog Selection is designed for clients who are looking to add a furry family member to their home, but aren't sure what breed is right for them or where to start.

Working with one of the Canine Behaviour Consultants we'll go over what you are looking for, your likes & dislikes, must haves, lifestyle, etc.. We will also assess the other pets in the home (if applicable) so that we can consider their needs as well. From there we will complete our assessment and write our report.

Report Only: We will provide you with a detailed report concluding our findings and recommendations.

Full Service: We will provide you with the detailed report, but we will also research breeders/rescues to ensure that where you are getting your pet from is reputable. And we will assess individual dogs to ensure we are bringing the right match into your home.


Report Only

$100.00 plus HST

Full Service

$325.00 plus HST