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Training & Behaviour Modification

We believe that your dog's mental health is a very important part of their lives. We are now able to offer our clients a solution for their dogs who are having a tough time with things like: separation anxiety, leash reactivity/aggression, human aggression, household dynamics, house soiling etc.

Our team, collectively, holds the following credentials: CPDT-KA & IAABC-ADT. These credentials require extensive study , years of practice and a thorough understanding of canine behaviour and learning theory.

These consultations are fantastic for families who are welcoming a new puppy into their home to ensure they get off on the right foot! Age appropriate socialization, teaching recovery and bite inhibition are all a very important part of a puppy's development. Sometimes it can be difficult to teach this as most of us work full time and by the end of a long work day all we want to do is come home and cuddle that beautiful new fur-baby. Let us come help you navigate being a new parent.

If you feel you are having trouble with your dog's behaviour we will start by setting up up an initial phone call with the office to discuss the issues you are having and collect a detailed history of your dog. Once all your questions have been answered, should you choose to book an in-person consultation, we will help you select a date and time that work for you. The in-person consultation will last anywhere between 1.5 - 2 hours. They will assess the household dynamic and then make suggestions on how to move forward to enact change as well as developing a behaviour plan. It is best that all members of the house (children included) be present for the consultation.


2hr Virtual Consultation

$250.00 plus HST

2hr In-Person Consultation

$380.00 plus HST


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Check-Ins/Dog Walks

Check-ins/dog walks are blocks of time in which we provide service at your home. Preparation (e.g. putting winter coat/boots on your dog before departing) is factored into the scheduled time. Please note that our 15 minute check-ins are only offered in certain parts of the city - for additional information, please get in touch with us via e-mail or call us and ask about our 15 minute check-ins.

15 Minute Visits

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30 Minute Visits

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45 Minute Visits

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60 Minute Visits

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Overnight care is $145.00/night, which guarantees a coverage of 10 hours over a 24-hour period + a 30-minute check-in for dinner. This is an all-inclusive rate (medication, feedings, walks, etc). Any additional time requirements (e.g. a daily mid-day check-in, late check-in on return date, etc.) will be supplemental to the overnight charge and should be detailed in the Notes field below.

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Additional Animals

Have more then one pet? No problem!

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Key HandlingNote: There is a $16.50 fee for key pickups and returns for future service (pickup at first visit with staff is free of charge). You can leave the key on-file with us for no additional charge.
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I am pleased to have built a company that is focused on providing the highest level of pet care while implementing standards for staff training, education, and humane animal handling.

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