Winter Weather Policy

Winter Weather Policy

Determining Extreme Weather

  • DPSI will use an appropriate weather provider to make determinations on what to expect
  • DPSI will comply with the Health Canada standards for winter weather safety when determining dangerous temperatures and/or conditions
  • Any temperature below -30 degrees Celsius for longer than 2 hours will be considered dangerous (frost bite warning)
  • Environment Canada’s definitions for extreme weather will be followed: more than 15cm within a 12 hour period, any amount of freezing rain, high winds or any combination of the above

What Happens When We Expect Extreme Weather

  • DPSI office staff will send out an e-mail to all dog walk/vacation check-in clients the evening before, no later than 11:59pm, informing the clients of potential delays in the schedule to do poor road conditions/weather. Office staff will also ask clients if they intend to work from home or cancel their walks to let us know via e-mail ( )
  • If walks or scheduled check-ins will be more than 2 hours late the office will send an additional notice to clients

Frost Bite Warning

  • If there is a frost bite warning in effect no walks will happen. Staff will dress the dogs and take them out in 5 minute increments to allow them to do their business. Any remaining time of the scheduled walk will be spent indoors playing mental stimulation games

Walk Lengths

  • Walks may be cut short if the weather is below -20 degrees Celsius for any large winter breed, or any large breed with winter gear
  • Walks may be cut short if the weather is below -15 degrees Celsius for any small dog
  • Staff may use their judgement, and are encouraged to discuss with management, if they feel that a walk must be cut short due to extreme temperatures
  • If walks are cut short, the remaining time must be spent indoors playing with the dogs
  • Management must be notified if a walk is being cut short at the sitters discretion

Cancellation of Walks/Check-ins

  • If a client cancels their walk same day, but prior to 10:00am due to extreme weather/poor road conditions we will issue a credit on account for the walk. Any cancellations past 10:01am will not be eligible for a credit