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Puppy Wellness Consultation

How Does It Work?:

One of our Canine Translators will come to your home for two 1 hour sessions to assess and provide guidande to you. They will also create a structured wellness plan for you to continue with. For a list of Dayna’s skills and qualifications please visit her bio by clicking here, and for a list of Dominique's skills and qualifications please visit her bio here.


Tips & Tricks:

Consider what types of activities you might like to do with your puppy when he/she gets older. Are you hoping to be able to bring your dog to off leash parks, family BBQs? Do you have children in your life that the dog will interact with? Once we know this information we can better design a socialization program for your puppy.




Q: What are the benefits?

A: There are many benefits of this program. The most important is that by the end of the program you have a well socialized, ready for anything puppy and a great insight as to who your dog really is.


Q: Can I book extra follow-up sessions

A: Yes, of course, follow-up sessions are billed separately.

$335.00/two 1hr sessions + report

$95/HR Follow up session


Age appropriate socialization, teaching recovery and bite inhibition are all very important parts of a puppys development. Sometimes it can be difficult to teach this as most of us work full time and by the end of a long work day all we want to do is come home and cuddle that beautiful new fur-baby. Let us come help you navigate being a new parent.