Our Team

Richard Desmarais

Owner / Sitter

I grew up with animals in my life (dogs, cat, hamster, and a black dwarf rabbit) but it is only in the last decade that I have grown to love them for who they are: unique characters, full of love and affection for those around them who they trust. I want every animal to know they can trust me so I can meet their true personality. I also like to keep a routine as much as possible and extend the same to animals I care for. This makes it much easier for everyone involved :)

I am ruled at home by my 5 chihuahuas - Taco, Tay-Tay, Potamus, Ruth & Elton - so please do send help (and bring some extra cuddles - you'll need it).

Being the CTO for Dayna's Pet Sitting - as well as working full-time for a software security company in Ottawa - my main passion is to drive success for the company via software solutions. Come and meet me at one of the many events we are at - I'm the one whose head reflects the sun more and more each day.