Our Team

Dominique, RVT


I’ve been in love with animals my entire life as family and friends could attest. Ever since I can remember my dreams and goals have always involved animals in some way. I am a registered veterinary technician since 2009. I am a certified animal trainer and behaviour specialist with La formation Jacinthe Bouchard and I’m currently completing my professional dog trainer program with Kim Cooper (Best Friends Dog Training). I keep up current positive reinforcement training practices through workshops, conferences and webinars as there’s always something new to learn in the field of animal behaviour.

I’m currently working at the Ottawa Humane Society as the Coordinator: Canine services, which gives me quite a bit of experience handling dogs of all shapes and of all backgrounds.

From dogs, cats and goldfishes to cougars, wolves and racoons I’ve trained with them all. I love challenges and I love finding solutions to improve relationships between humans and animals of all kinds. My passion is training and any opportunity I have to interact with someone’s pet is an opportunity to train so pet sitting is a natural win win for everyone.

I currently share my home with 3 dogs (Navi, Kiwi and Schmidt), 3 cats (Boots, Zort and Pym) and a husband. The more the merrier I always say!

In my spare time I also foster dogs and the occasional cat from a local shelter: Ottawa Humane Society or Sit with Me Shelter Dog Rescue.

I look forward to sharing my passion with your pets.