Our Team


Senior Sitter

Pets have always been a part of my day. As far back as I can remember we had at least 1 dog, at all times. My family took in numerous stray dogs, those who didn't get picked up by owners were taken in.

I can remember my Father bringing home a cardboard box one night with ducklings. We fed and kept them until they were able to leave us. The story still comes up at family gatherings.

Growing up, I spent almost every summer on my Grandfather's farm which gave me a great window into life with and respect for animals.

Currently we have a 12 year old male orange tabby named Walter. We rescued Walter when he was a kitten. Our big boy Clifford (orange male tabby) left us in the summer of 2017 at 17 years of age. Clifford was also rescued as a kitten.