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Manager & Trick Training Specialist


Growing up every kid has that thing that they just love; dinosaurs, space, oceans, that one thing that they can tell you everything about. For me it was dogs. By 7 years old I could name hundreds of breeds of dogs, tell you where they came from, and recite the American Kennel Club standards (even though I had no idea what that meant). I had a shelf full of books dedicated to dogs, and I just knew that one day I would be training dogs to do all the amazing things those dogs on TV did. Well is been a few years and things have changed a little over time. My obsession has shifted from dogs (I can still get a solid 10/10 on the buzzfeed breeds quiz) to animals of all shapes and sizes but my love for them has never diminished. I’ve visited rescue organizations around the world, and now thanks to Dayna’s Pet Sitting I’ve got the most amazing job of hanging out with all of your fantastic pets.