Summer Weather Policy

Summer Weather Policy

Determining Extreme Weather

  • DPSI will use an appropriate weather monitering provider to make determinations on what to expect
  • DPSI will comply with the Health Canada standards for summer weather safety when determining dangerous temperatures and/or conditions
  • Any temperature above +31 degrees Celsius will considered dangerous (heat warning) OR a humidex exceeding +40 degrees Celsius
  • Thunderstorms with wind gusts above 90km/hr, hail of 2cm or larger in diameter and/ or 50mm or more of rain within 1 hour

What Happens When We Expect Extreme Weather

  • DPSI office staff will send out an e-mail to all dog walk/vacation check-in clients the evening before, no later than 11:59pm, informing the clients of potential delays in the schedule due to poor road conditions/weather. Office staff will ask clients if they intend to work from home or cancel their walks to let us know via e-mail ( )
  • If walks or scheduled check-ins will be more than 2 hours late the office will send an additional notice to clients

Walking Dogs in Summer Heat

  • Walkers will walk on grass & in shade as much as possible
  • Water bowls must be washed/rinsed and filled with cool water after each walk
  • Walks will still happen, but may be cut short due to hot temperatures and no safe walking route on grass/in shade

Heat Warning

  • If there is a heat warning in effect no walks will happen. Staff will prep the dogs and take out in 5 minute increments to allow them to do their business. Any remaining time of the scheduled walk will be spent indoors playing mental stimulation games.

Cancellation of Walks/Check-ins

  • We do not cancel walks for weather. Any and all scheduled walks will occur unless we receive written notice/request from the clients to cancel the walk
  • If a client cancels their walk same day, but prior to 10:00am due to extreme weather/poor road conditions we will issue a credit on account for the walk. Any cancellations past 10:00am will not be eligible for a credit


Question: What happens if it’s a very hot/very cold day?

Answer: We have weather policies that include what our staff are do in extreme temperatures. Your dog’s walk might be cut short, but our staff will remain inside with them until your scheduled booking time ends. We will play, cuddle or entertain your dog for the remainder of your booking.