Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition Consulting

Have you been referred by a veterinarian? Or maybe you're wondering if you're on the right track? A Canine Nutrition Consultation with Dayna (certified canine nutrition consultant) can help you address your pets nutritional needs, whether they have a medical concern, need to lose or gain weight, are a puppy or senior that you want to make sure is being properly fed or any other concern! A free 30min phone consultation is also available for pets who have no medical concerns (including weight loss/gain).

Want to learn how to enhance your pets diet? We can help with that too!

Want to know more about Dayna's education in Canine Nutrition? Check out her bio on the About Us page!

What's Included?:

Nutrition Consultations are all done over Zoom and consist of a full history of what your concern is, a detailed explanation of what is required to address it followed by a full report including a summary of discussion and recommendations. If a home cooked diet is recommended a recipe will be included. In cases where a medical concern is presented, discussion with your primary care veterinarian may be required - this is included in the consultation fee.

What Types of Concerns Can You Book a Consultation For?:

You can book a consultation for any nutritional concern. Additional examples include: pancreatitis, kidney disease, hepatic concerns, weight gain/loss, urinary or bladder stones, a new puppy you want to get off on the right start or a senior who you want to make sure is getting the most out of their diet.


Nutrition Consultation

$199.00 plus HST