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Pee Breaks

*Currently the Pee Break Service is only available in select areas.*


Sometimes a full 30min check-in isn't necessary. So now, by request! We have 15min pee breaks! Perfect for cats who would prefer not to be social, or the puppy or senior dog in your lives who just need to get outside quickly during the day!


How Does It Work?:


First we set up a time for one of our trained handlers to meet with you so that we can determine any special needs and get to know you and your fur-kids. At this meeting the team member will ask that you show them where you would like for us to let them out. Pee Breaks are only 15mins long. If you are interested in a longer check-in please visit our Check-In service page.


Q: Why should I hire Dayna's Pet Sitting and not my neighbours kid?

A: All of our team members are also insured, bonded and have passed Police Background Checks. We are prepared for emergency situations and we provide our team with the proper equipment and train them on how to use it.


Q: What happens if my dog is reactive or aggressive on leash?

A: All of our team members are trained handlers who have an indepth understanding of canine behaviour and leash handling techniques. Everyone receives hands on training with Dayna who is a Canine Behaviour Consultant.


Q: What happens if my regular handler is sick?

A: We will assign another qualified team member to walk you dog(s) that day and you will be notified of the change as soon as possible.


Q: Can I provide you with a garage or door code instead of a key?

A: Yes, absolutely. Although we generally will ask for an accompanying key in case of power outage or the batteries dies.


Q: Will you arrive at the same time everyday?

A: Our handlers will do their best to arrive as close to the same time each day as possible. We provide our clients with a 2 hour window in which we will complete your walk.

$16.50/15MIN PEE BREAK