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In-Home Overnight Care

Whether you are going away for a night, a weekend or even a month in Thailand we provide consistent and loving care while you are away. This is also an excellent option for multiple-species house-holds. No need to send the dog to the kennel, have the neighbour check on the cat, and send the hamster to cousin Vinny!


How Does It Work?:

Our first step is always to set up a preliminary visit where you will have chance to meet the assigned sitter as well as provide all the care instructions for your fur-babies.


One of our bonded, insured and trained team members will be personally responsible for the care of your pets while you are away. We aim to maintain your pets’ routine to minimize anxiety while you are away. With sitters who have a wide range of experience including behaviour or medical conditions we have the perfect sitter for your home!




Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount of nights you will stay in my home?

A: No, we can stay for as little as 1 night and for as long as you’d like!


Q: How much time will you spend in my home with my pets?

A: We guarantee a minimum of 12hours spent in the home per 24hour period. We do not leave pets alone for any more than a standard work day + travel (9hours).


Q: How far in advance should I book?

A:  Vacation pet sitting is a seasonal business. We recommend giving as much notice as possible especially if you are going away over a holiday.


Q: Can I provide you with a garage or door code instead of a key?

A: Yes, absolutely. Although we generally will ask for an accompanying key in case of power outage or the batteries dies.


Q: Will I always get the same sitter staying in my home each time I go away?

A: We get repeat business on a regular basis and we do our best to ensure a consistent sitter for each home; however, this is not always possible as we get many bookings in advance and requests for specific sitters. We have a secure custom database where all your care instructions are kept so that if there does need to be a change in sitter for future bookings they will have access to all your instructions. You will always have the option for a meet and greet with a new sitter if desired.