Dayna's Pet Sitting Inc (DPSI) COVID-19 Policy


- Vacation bookings made on or after March 12, 2020 will observe our normal cancellation policies.

- Existing vacation bookings with departure dates between March 12, 2020 and August 1, 2020 will be offered a credit equal to the amount already paid towards the cancelled booking to be used at anytime for future bookings.

- For vacation bookings that begin on or after March 12, 2020, and that depart as planned but make the choice to return home early, our normal cancellation policies will be observed.

- For all vacation bookings starting their travel after August 1, 2020, the regular DPSI cancellation policy will apply as per the client agreement.

- Dog walking bookings will now have additional screening questions asked during the booking process including, but not limited to:
- Is anyone in your home displaying any cold/flu symptoms
- Has anyone in your home been in contact with anyone displaying cold/flu symptoms?

- DPSI will not send staff to the homes of clients who are displaying symptoms of illness or those who have been in contact with those displaying symptoms.

- DPSI is encouraging all staff to stay home if they are displaying any signs of illness, pending availability, this may result in the cancellation of daily dog walk services. If this should occur, DPSI will issue a credit on your account for pre-paid services that we have to cancel.

- In the event of multiple staff illnesses, DPSI will prioritize all vacation services as well as any medicated visits.

- For dog walking clients, DPSI will waive the normal cancellation policy for same day notice if the client is staying home sick, and will issue a credit on your account for pre-paid service(s) that are cancelled due to same day illness.

Health & Safety

- DPSI staff will wash their hands upon entry and exit of each client home and will be provided with supplemental supplies for instances when hand washing is not available.

- DPSI will encourage clients to leave hand sanitizer and/or hand washing soaps available to staff.

- If a DPSI staff member arrives at a home to find a client is excessively coughing and appears visibly unwell, the employee will not proceed to walk the dog or continue with the preliminary meeting or meet & greet; they will promptly leave and report this to the office.