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Sometimes animals don’t require constant company, some don’t even like it! So, to accommodate them we also offer Check-In services where one of our qualified and highly trained team members will come to check-in on your pet 1-4x per day for either 30 or 60mins.


How Does It Work?:

First we set up a time for one of our trained handlers to meet with you so that we can determine any special needs and get to know you and your fur-kids. At this meeting the team member will gather all the necessary care instructions for your pets and they will also get ask for a key from you.  


Depending on your pets needs you can select anywhere from 1-4 visits per day for your pets.


Q: Can I do a combination of time periods? For example, can I do 30mins in the morning and night but 60mins for the afternoon visit?

A: Absolutely! We encourage you to select whichever option is best for your pets. If you’re not sure please ask one of our team members and they would be happy to walk you through some of our service options.


Q: What happens if my dog requires medications at specific times of day?

A: No problem! We will work with you to ensure we schedule visits at the time that medication is required.


Q: What happens if my regular walker/handler is sick?

A: We will assign another qualified team member to check-in on your pet(s) that day and you will be notified of the change as soon as possible.


Q: Can I provide you with a garage or door code instead of a key?

A: Yes, absolutely. Although we generally will ask for an accompanying key in case of power outage or the batteries dies.


Q: Will you arrive at the same time everyday?

A: Our handlers will do their best to arrive as close to the same time each day as possible. We provide our clients with a 2hour window in which we will arrive to begin your check-in.

$34.50/60MIN CHECK-IN

$28.50/45MIN CHECK-IN

$22.50/30MIN CHECK-IN