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Behaviour Modification

We believe that your dogs mental health is a very important part of their lives. Finally we are able to offer our clients a solution for their dogs who are having a tough time with things like: separation anxiety, leash reactivity/agression, household dynamics, house soiling etc.


How Does It Work?:

If you feel you are having trouble with your dog(s) behaviour we will set you up with one of our Canine Translators for phone call to discuss the issues you are having. Once all your questions have been answered should you choose to book an in-person consultation our Canine Translators will help you select a date and time that work for you. The in-person consultation will last anywhere between 1.5 - 2 hour consultation. They will assess the household dynamic and following that make suggestions on how to move forward to enact change as well as a behaviour plan. It is best that all members of the house (children included) be present for the consultation. Your in-person consultation will include unlimited support by phone and e-mail for 6 months.



Q: What type of Methods do you use? Will I have to put a prong collar on my dog?

A: Absolutely not. Dayna does not encourage the use of prong, pinch, choke or shock collars. She believes in posititve reinforcement and teaching your dog what you would like them to do instead of just telling them to stop doing what you don't like.


Q: What does "Unlimited Support" mean?

A: That means that you can call or e-mail as often as you feel you need to to ask additional follow-up questions, gain clarification, get a pep talk etc.


Q: What if I have more than one dog who is experiencing difficulties?

A: No problem! Dayna will take the time to assess each dog and provide guidance for each of them individually.


Q: Why is it important that everyone is there?

A: One of the most important parts of behaviour modification is consistency. It is best that everyone hear the instructions together and have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.